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of treat? Wouldn't you rather sensory fun then a mouth full of sticky lollies. What a fab way to enjoy Halloween this year with our newly released Marvellous Monster kit. This kit will surely freak you out with exciting monster play! These little fun monsters make Halloween not scary but fun and simply enjoyable!

Marvellous Monsters

  • Marvellous Monsters sensory kit contains

    - monsters

    - build your own monster parts

    - range of different coloured sand

    -play dough

    - pipe cleaners

    - bubbles

    - coloured sticks

    -googly eyes

    - feathers

    -pom poms

    -a little monster surprise

    Please note items will vary slightly from kit to kit and will not at times match the image on our site.We will try our best to provide you with a variation of what is pictured.Items will be subject to change based on stock availability.

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